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    A Bengaluru Artist Placed A Fake Life-Sized Crocodile In A Pothole To Protest The City's Awful Roads

    The authorities better take action soon or they'll have to deal with this casti-gator.

    Bengaluru is one of India's largest and most modern cities.

    Dibyangshu Sarkar / Getty Images

    But if there's one aspect that's a cause for constant concern to its citizens, it's the terrible state of the city's roads.

    Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images

    On June 18, artist Baadal Nanjundaswamy decided to call the authorities' attention to a huge water-logged pothole on the busy Sultanpalya traffic junction...

    Manjunath Kiran / Getty Images

    By placing a life-sized model crocodile bang in the middle of it.

    Manjunath Kiran / Getty Images

    With the pothole having been ignored by officials for over a month, commuters were more than happy to drive around Baadal as he prepared the exhibit.

    Manjunath Kiran / Getty Images

    Upon completion, he left the fake croc to chill in the pothole for a full 10 minutes as a crowd gathered around this exceptional protest.

    Manjunath Kiran / Getty Images

    This isn't the first time Baadal has highlighted the poor state of Bengaluru's roads with his art.

    Manjunath Kiran / Getty Images

    Exactly a year ago in 2014, he had drawn Yama, the Hindu God of death, around an unattended open manhole in the middle of a busy road.

    Manjunath Kiran / Getty Images

    Let's hope that the authorities pay heed to his concerns and do the city a solid this time.

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