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    This Couple Just Survived The Worst Nightmare That Could Unfold On A Family WhatsApp Group

    Mama, did you just...

    Married couple Shweta and Aashish went through everyone's biggest fear involving WhatsApp when Aashish's dad added them to a family group earlier today, and one of his uncles accidentally sent a dick pic to all his relatives:

    "It took my dad at least 30 mins to figure out what had happened, and he immediately went on to delete all the nieces, nephews, and young cousins, including me."

    Shweta, who had left the group earlier because it buzzed too much, wasn't sympathetic about the situation at all. Instead, she tweeted a screenshot of their conversation, which has left everyone cringing and hella amused.

    Thanks to this super awkward debacle, their family has become India's most viral WhatsApp group of the day.

    So the next time you're bitching about your fam spamming your phone too much, just remember: