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YouTuber JusReign Had To Walk Across An Airport Without His Turban After A Security Check

The incident comes just weeks after Sikh model Waris Ahluwalia was disallowed to board his flight in a similar incident.

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Singh tweeted the entire incident and said that he cooperated with the TSA during the whole process.

so the @tsa made me take off my turban in extra screening or they said I wouldn't be able to be let through to catch my flight

after finding absolutely nothing wrong because a turban is just cloth and the whole thing is stupid I ask for a mirror to tie it back again

Singh alleges that despite being cleared in the private room, he was made to walk across the terminal without his turban when he asked for a mirror to tie it back on again.

the agent tells me there are no mirrors and that I can just walk down the terminal to the nearest restroom 😶😶😶 without my turban on 😶😶😶


Singh also narrated the entire incident on Snapchat.


"What was the point in taking me to the private room if you just tell me to walk out to the nearest restroom to put it back on again," Singh tweeted.