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Coldplay And Beyoncé's New Music Video Is Under Fire For Appropriating Indian Culture

The video features fire breathers, holy men, slum children playing Holi, and Beyoncé as a Bollywood actress.

Coldplay just dropped their new music video for "Hymn for the Weekend", which features Beyoncé and was shot in India.

Among other things, the video features fire breathers and the band playing Holi in the streets.

The video also stars Beyoncé playing a Bollywood actress.

The video is receiving widespread praise online, but also a lot of backlash for its portrayal of Indians and India.


i dont even know what to say about this coldplay video except can white rock bands please stop filming holi videos in india, thank you.


Just gonna throw this out there, if Beyoncé&Coldplay are PROFITING from a culture that isn't there's and gaining praise, it's appropriation


Coldplay makes music for affluent whites who travel arnd the world to shower poor black & brown kids in their performative tears x






Wanna depict #India, understand its rich & diverse culture first! Going with ago old stereotypes is not done! #HymnForTheWeekend #Coldplay


@coldplay don't exoticize us. You've been to the clubs and everything.Why do you want to make it seem like all we do is dance in the streets


No thanks for the bundle of stereotypes @coldplay. No wonder then that #India will be known as the country of snake charmers & sadhus.

11. Beyoncé’s Bollywood get-up is also under fire.

Are we gonna discuss how Beyonce dressing up as an Indian woman for the Coldplay video is cultural appropriation, or no?


you guys gonna let this slide cos it's Bey? or can we talk about how she's disrespecting my culture :)


Beyonce's appropriation was unnecessary imo. If it was someone white it would've been racist. I think there's a difference


"Why aren't y'all attacking Beyonce for cultural appropriation?"


Of course people let Beyoncé off for cultural appropriation it's the privilege of being overrated I guess


Is that cultural appropriation I see, Beyonce? How will her social justice warrior stans explain this one?


Me: Cultural Appropriation is WRONG Beyonce: *appropriates Indian culture* Me: