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    Posted on 26 Jul 2016

    CNN Called Rajinikanth A "Bollywood" Star And India Stepped In To Shut That Shit Down

    Mind it.

    With superstar Rajinikanth's big release Kabali just hitting screens around the world, the 65-year-old actor is all anyone can talk about these days.

    Gemini Film Circuit

    CNN became one of many websites to jump on the hype train when they published a profile titled "Rajinikanth: Meet the superstar you may not have heard about," for their international readers.

    However, they *kinda* screwed up when they referred to the legend as a "Bollywood" hero when they posted the article on Twitter.

    Twitter: @CNN

    While Rajinikanth has starred in many Bollywood films, the Tamil film industry is primarily where his legendary status was established.

    It didn't take long for users to point out that the publication might come to regret the faux pas soon.

    And they were proved right when, minutes after the tweet went up, Indians around the site collectively went in to show CNN the error of their ways.

    CNN, the comedy channel you may not have heard about.

    Cambodia News Network screws up again, as usual.

    Reaction in Tamil Nadu after CNN referred to Rajni Anna as 'Bollywood Star'

    CNN just referred to @superstarrajini as a 'Bollywood' star.

    Some people tried to play devil's advocate and defend CNN.

    I don't think it is right to expect a CNN reporter of Chinese descent to be able to differentiate between Bollywood and Kollywood.

    Guys it's okay, for the outside world every Indian movie is a Bollywood movie.

    But considering how Maria Sharapova still gets roasted for not knowing who Sachin Tendulkar was in 2014, it doesn't look like they're getting out of this any time soon.

    You don't mess with Rajini, CNN. Rajini messes with you.

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