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14 Reasons Why The Bengaluru Police Department Rules The Internet

What do you get when law enforcement meet social media? The awesomeness that is the Bengaluru City Police online.

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Over the past year or so, the Bengaluru Police Department, led by Commissioner of Police M.N. Reddi, has been lauded for using social media to connect with citizens.

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Just a few days ago, Twitter's Vice President of Global Public Policy, Colin Crowell, cited the department's amazing use of the platform at a conference in Indonesia.

.@ColinCrowell, in Jakarta, highlighting Bangalore Police's remarkable use of Twitter. @BlrCityPolice @CPBlr @Raheelk

So what exactly has the Bengaluru Police been getting right to deserve so many headlines?

Feels good when main stream media stands by you! The crown, though, goes to you all, the 105 k followers of @CPBlr

1. They've been acknowledging complaints and concerns online, and have been prompt to address them.

@raghavramaiah the cop has been already suspended and enquiry ordered. His action is unwarranted.

2. They've stood up for their own while addressing grievances, but have also been quick to take action against wrongdoers in the team.

@snobfielder He is suspended n enquiry ordered. But let's not generalise. 2k traffic cops work in harsh conditions every day rain or shine!

3. They've even looked into complaints outside their jurisdiction.

@JaysBees Just now spoke to CP,Chennai. No danger or threat to Kannadigas in Chennai. Please dont give credence to rumours(2/2)

4. They've set up accounts on multiple social media sites to provide easy access to all.

Facebook: BangaloreTrafficPolice

5. They've used the internet to coordinate between different branches & upped their efficiency like mad.

@redditindia @dcpsouthbcp please look into this asap and let me have a report by noon. @redditindia those responsible will not be spared

6. Rather than wait for miscreants to do their thing, they've been amazingly proactive at laying down the law.

Transport strike: KSRTC/ BMTC will run. None can force the strike on unwilling people.Such people will be dealt with firmly as per law (2/n)

@Alaphia nobody can take law into his hands. No vigilantism allowed. Strict action will be taken. Police posted at all public places.

Seriously, don't mess with them.

@kiran_pattar with or without permission, no moral policing. There is only one police, that's us.

7. They've been on top of any rumours that threaten public order and have been quick to quash them.

Some kannada news channels are showing that Kum. Jayalalithaa is unwell and having heart problem. THIS IS NOT CORRECT. (1/3)

Don't pay heed to rumours today. Don't forward WhatsApp messages blindly. First verify with us. Our Control Room/SM unit will respond asap.

8. They've mastered the language of the internet.

Stop the stunts on road... May be end up in fatal, someday...


9. They've set up online portals to ease and automate common processes like getting acknowledgments for lost SIM cards, licenses and other documents.

Have you lost these? No need to visit Police Station! visit to get the acknowledgement. @CPBlr

10. They've even put SMS alert systems in place.

Get Tweets from @CPBlr on your mobile. Give missed call on 01130495141 & receive Tweets through SMS.

11. They've used the medium to highlight their daily exploits and badassery.

@CCBBangalore seized approximate 1kg of Amphetamine a narcotic substance, arrested 2 persons at Vyalikaval PS @CPBlr

Consultancy office raided by CCB F&M squad. Cheating thousands for money ..that too in the name of social work.

Nearly 80 cattle and some camels seized in the city yesterday for violation of animal cruelty act. Directions issued to all check posts.

12. In addition, they've also lauded specific members of the department and given them credit when due.

Traffic constable Anand PC 8705 chased & caught chain snatcher over long distance.100 gm chain also recovered intact

13. Their presence has actually made a concrete difference to a lot of citizens' lives.

Good to see @cpblr being of help to someone in need

14. But most importantly, they've been there for everyone, no matter how mundane the problem.