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Shah Rukh Khan's Twitter Account Has Been Taken Over By A Bot That's Breaking The Internet

And a million hearts.

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ICYMI, it was Shah Rukh Khan's birthday on November 2, and thousands of his fans wished him by trending the hashtag #HappyBirthdayKingKhan worldwide.

Being the legend that he is, SRK decided to make a fan's day by personally replying to her birthday tweet.

She was understandably elated and over the moon.

Omg omg omg !! U replied me with Diwale Trailer !! Thank u so much Sir 🙏☺


Once people realised that SRK's account had been taken over by a bot that was replying to EVERY SINGLE PERSON who used his birthday hashtag, there was understandable anger.

What the hell @iamsrk ?? my childhood hero disappointed me with that kinda stupidity.

Some users made do with what they got.

I have passed away despite bae sending this same tweet to 4 billion other people 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

But mostly, there were just a lot of broken hearts.

when your crush sends you a sweet text and then you find out he sent it to EVERYONE IN HIS CONTACTS

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