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Chetan Bhagat Asked Twitter To Send Him Photos Of His Book And, Of Course, Got Trolled Mercilessly

I mean, is anyone even surprised anymore?

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It wouldn't be a stretch to say that Chetan Bhagat is one of the Indian internet's most trolled celebrities.

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Well, earlier today, Bhagat asked his Twitter followers to send him photos of his new book, One Indian Girl...

#OneIndianGirl in Mykonos, Greece. Send me pics of the book in a beautiful backdrop. Will RT best ones. Let's see y…

What happened next will shock no one.

.@chetan_bhagat Take a look sir, your book in the most beautiful backdrop. Please RT.

@RoflGandhi_ That 1 Indian Girl bought and burnt it already.. @chetan_bhagat

Useful. #OneIndianGirl @RoflGandhi_ @chetan_bhagat

@RoflGandhi_ @chetan_bhagat Saw this cute girl eating bhel , She has no idea about #OneIndianGirl

.@chetan_bhagat No backdrop can be more beautiful for your book than this sir.

.@chetan_bhagat Sir thank you aapki book bohat kaam ki cheez hai, bohat hi zyada tand hai aaj toh

.@chetan_bhagat I know my camera skills suck but still gave it a try.

Even Bhagat himself has accepted the trollage as a fact of life now.

Twitter: @chetan_bhagat