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This BALLER Student Went On Stage At His Teacher's Wedding... To Get His Lab Records Signed

Desperate times call for BALLER measures.

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Engineering students are renown for finding innovative (i.e. jugaadu) and badass ways to get shit done.

Well, the rest of you can sit down because Twitter user @vanwynkle found the most badass engineering student of all.

Engineering guy gets lab record signed at professor's marriage hahahahaha

The video begins pretty normally, with the young dude going up to congratulate his recently married professor at the latter's wedding reception.

But then his cunning engineering genius comes to the fore, when the student pulls out his (presumably overdue) lab records for his teacher's signature.

The prof, of course, had little choice but to sign off.

Maybe it was because he was in a good mood, or maybe he just didn't wanna look like a hardass in front of his new wife... One will never know.

But, either way, there's no denying the hustling skills of this student, who even had the balls to pose for a photo after the coup.

New hero, ladies and gents.