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    24 Mar 2017

    The Censors Cut The Hanuman Chalisa In "Phillauri" 'Cos It Fails To Scare Away The Ghost Protagonist

    Someone please volunteer to explain the following concepts to Pahlaj Nihalani: Fiction. Comedy. Being chill.

    The Indian Censor Board has been outraged against, made fun of, and parodied endlessly over the past couple of years thanks to some of the decisions they've made.

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    But Pahlaj Nihalani's team really is a gift that keeps on giving, and they're seemingly on an inexplicable mission to give everyone more material to lampoon them over.

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    So here's the deal – Phillauri is a romcom in which Anushka Sharma plays a ghost who starts hanging around a young man after a hilarious series of events.

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    Now there's a scene in the film where the dude meets her spirit for the first time and, understandably, freaks the fuck out.

    Panic-stricken, he starts reciting the "Hanuman Chalisa" in an effort to ward off the spirit.

    It doesn't work, though, because:

    a) If Sharma's character was actually vanquished by the recital, the film would have to end right there, and that's just not good writing.

    b) Ghosts aren't real.

    c) It's a fucking comedy that no one will, or should, ever treat this seriously.

    Well, tell that to the CBFC. They've gone ahead and reportedly muted the entire sequence because, get this, "ghosts are supposed to be eradicated, not pacified, with the recital of the 'Hanuman Chalisa'."

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    They also added that, being a devotional hymn, this amounted to the hurting of religious sentiments.

    There's not much to add here except the fact that no sane person is on board with the cut because, once again, it's a fucking romantic comedy about a fucking ghost.

    Mr. Nihalani, please tell us what we can recite to eradicate you from our lives.

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