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    The Olacabs And Uber Twitter War Just Escalated To The Next Level

    Someone get the popcorn.

    A few weeks ago, Uber India and Olacabs got into a little tiff on Twitter.

    Things died down until recently, when a customer pointed out that a new Olacabs campaign seemed to have a few similarities with one Uber had already launched.

    Twitter: @ananyag26

    Both campaigns allow customers to get free drinks at certain bars upon producing a ride receipt.

    Uber allowed itself the luxury of gloating a little.

    Which is when Ola stepped in and dialled the cab wars up a notch.

    Before the two ended things on a highly passive-aggressive note.

    The reactions to the tiff were varied, with some taking Uber's side for being the original one.

    Fuckin Ola which lifted the entire model of UBER is talking back. Sharam bhi nahi aati

    @Olacabs You've practically built yourselves on Uber's existence, and yet the arrogance. @Uber_India

    Some encouraged the friendly trash talk.

    @Olacabs @Uber_India what's a competition without some fun! #goodgoing

    Others did not.

    I want to grab em both by the ears and twist really hard. Go stand in a corner, both of you.

    Can't tell if brands or bengalis #ThatStereotypeAgain

    Uber and Ola sound exactly like my roommates fighting over Bobby pins.

    Mostly, it just gave people a chance to get in their own jibes.

    Meru was about to join this conversation but driver got delayed they're extremely sorry for inconvenience

    Auto rickshaw guy was going to join this conversation but he didn't because "waha se vaapas bhada nahi milega"

    I don't understand why are @Olacabs and @Uber_India fighting. They both charge the same! 😝 wonder what is TabCab upto!

    Ola, Uber, relax. It's just Twitter.

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