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    Attention, "Serial" Fans: This New Podcast Will Explore The Aarushi Talwar Murder And Trial

    The first episode of "Trial By Error" releases on May 1.

    In 2014, This American Life's Serial, a true crime podcast, took the world by storm.

    Jemal Countess

    The podcast’s first season explored the murder of a Baltimore teenager and the conviction of her classmate.

    The Indian podcast scene has existed for longer and expanded since, but has yet to find a breakout longform hit the likes of Serial.

    All India Bakchod

    Well, the wait might finally be over with Trial By Error – The Aarushi Files, a podcast that will follow the Aarushi murder case, a double homicide in Noida that shook the nation in 2008.

    A small team of researchers and producers have been working on the podcast since November, 2015.

    Udayan Baijal

    "When we were first approached by Arré Digital to do this last year, we said the timeline was too tight. Ankur Tewari, Arré's creative consultant, turned to us and said, well you’ve had eight years. In a way it's true. I’ve been obsessed with this since 2008," producer Ayesha Sood told BuzzFeed.

    It will be hosted by New Delhi-based journalist Nishita Jha, who has been following the story since news of the murders first broke, and will comprise about eight episodes.

    Nishita Jha

    "We have recorded two episodes so far, interviews open up as and when people feel comfortable or are available. So it feels like it's pretty live - which is exciting and scary," Sood continued.

    "There is immense pressure on the team to meet deadlines for the rest of the episodes. But that pressure translates to a pretty strong burst of creative energy that this project needs," co-producer Udayan Baijal added.

    While there is already a book and a film based on the case, the podcast will delve deeper, and will have people associated with the case getting to tell their own stories.

    VB Films

    "We’ve been obsessing over this case and what it says about who we are as a nation for years now. So a lot of the ground work was already done. Avirook’s book is a huge help as it lays down the facts in a very detailed and clear way – that is the backbone of our research," Baijal added.

    When asked about comparisons with Serial, Baijal said, "I don’t think we would have been commissioned to do this project without the success of Serial – so in that way yes, comparisons are legit."

    Udayan Baijal

    Udayan Baijal

    Ayesha Sood

    Ayesha Sood

    "But I don’t think there is any conscious attempt to imitate or stay away from it - this is a very different story and has a different context," he continued.

    "We were clear that this was an Indian story and needed to have a local, relatable tone and feel. We’ve certainly tried to learn what we can from Sarah Koenig, Ira Glass and other podcasters, but tried to make it our own," Sood added.

    The first episode of Trial By Error releases on Arré and the Saavn app on May 1, with new episodes coming out weekly.


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