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    Posted on 2 Sep 2015

    11 Times Indian Television Censors Had No Chill

    Proudly shutting down the biggest problem India faces today — cleavage.

    1. When they shut down Kim Kardashian's cleavage before she could corrupt young Indian minds.

    2. When they saw a girl in a spaghetti top on a vanilla rom-com channel and said nooooope.

    3. When they decided that, much like the spoon, there would be no cleavage in The Matrix Revolutions.

    4. When cleavage from back home in Bollywood was also deemed too damn erotic for home-viewing.

    5. When they saw one of India's all-time great feminist movies and said "Nice try,Queen."

    6. When they decided that cleavage was not a totally natural part of Zindagi.

    7. When just a bra, completely devoid of any cleavage within, was also introduced to the pixel fairy.

    8. When they got bored of blurring out cleavage and decided to blur out other items beginning with the letter "C".

    9. When they went with the far more child-friendly and scientifically-accurate term for the word "balls".

    10. When they saw a wine rack and thought that blurring out 90% of the screen was totally chill behaviour.


    11. And when they just blacked out an entire channel after blurring individual items just got too damn much work for them.

    Of course, this isn't to say that Indian television is completely censored. There are still things that the higher-ups find absolutely no problems with.

    Go figure. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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