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"Sultan" Is A Bloody Salman Khan Film So This Review Is Kinda Sorta Super Fucking Pointless

There are few things more futile than making sense of a Bhai movie in 2016, but I tried anyway.

So there's this dude called Ali Abbas Zafar listed on the crew of Sultan who apparently came up with the story, wrote the dialogues, and also directed the film. That's THREE jobs done by one person. It sounds overwhelming, but even one writer-director is one more than necessary when your titular hero is Salman Fucking Khan. The film also stars Anushka Sharma as love interest Aarfa, by the way – a character given as much weight in the script as that one afterthought-y line in this intro. And if you think that's depressing, think about the fact that this film released on a Wednesday, and is going to overtake Udta Punjab's lifetime box office earnings before the weekend even gets here.