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    Posted on 5 Jun 2016

    A Bunch Of Indians Trended #BoycottAmazon On Twitter For Selling Doormats With Gods On Them

    The products in question have since been removed from the site.

    The hashtag #BoycottAmazon started trending in India on Twitter earlier today, after users found doormats with religious figures being sold on the site.

    #BoycottAmazon For Hurting Hindu Sentiments By Selling Door Mats Featuring Hindu Goddess Laxmi. RT & Spread!

    The doormats being sold by retailer Rock Bull included images of Hindu Gods, Jesus and the Quran.


    Angry Indians took to social media to ask fellow users to boycott the app.

    Uninstall the "Intolerant" App @amazon right away.. From Now onwards "No Mercy" to such morons.. #BoycottAmazon

    Just because we are tolerant community, no one give you permission to intolerant with our sentiment #BoycottAmazon @Amazon

    Others even started downvoting Amazon in both iOS and Android app stores.

    #BoycottAmazon, Now! Uninstall the app and cancel the orders, let them feel the heat...rate the app at 1 star.

    Of course, some people didn't see what the big deal was.

    Childish trend, #BoycottAmazon. Why just doormat, put gods on toilet paper, condoms. Our tradition, Hinduness too big to be belittled by it

    Incredible India: Where losers hoping to #BoycottAmazon never get upset with honour killings and female infanticide in the name of religion.

    But the outrage seems to have worked and Amazon has started pulling down the products in question from the site.

    Just another day on the Indian internet, folks.


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