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The Internet Is Up In Arms Over This Ad To "Gift Your Wife A Maid"

"From Book My Show to Book My Cabs to Book My Bai, All Hail #DigitalIndia."

Posted on, an online housemaid hiring service, recently released this ad for their website.

And it didn't long for people on the internet to question the ad's intent.

@veenavenugopal telling on levels: men do no housework wife has no purchasing power Maid object interchangeable with jewellery @Superneha83

Maids (humans) have become commodities 👏👏👏 Brilliant thinking, @BookMyBai geniuses. &yes, who's the bai here? 😱

󾌴󾌴 offensive yet relevant, not so much the 'book my bai' as the 'gift a maid' part

There were, of course, some hilarious reactions going around.

When you hire an ad agency from Meereen

Imagine if they got Shiney Ahuja to do the ads for

Which one is the wife and which one the bai and which one is the caretaker ? (Via @diptakirti)

From Book My Show to Book My Cabs to , All Hail #DigitalIndia

Thanks to all the outrage and the jokes, the ad has gone viral now.

Well done founders of Bookmybai. At cost of leaflet you are getting covered on social media lyk anything.

Which means it's pretty much a success.

@anerishah99 @BookMyBai what's even more problematic is that this ad is working smh

This guy summed it up succinctly.

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