Bobby Jindal Really Pissed Off Indians And They’re Lighting Him Up On Twitter

“#BobbyJindalIsSoWhite he has to be washed separately in warm water.”

1. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal announced Wednesday that he will seek the Republican nomination for president in 2016.

Sean Gardner / Getty Images

2. In his announcement speech, he appeared to some Indians distance himself from his Indian roots.

Sean Gardner / Getty Images

“I’m done with all this talk about hyphenated Americans. We are not Indian-Americans, Irish-Americans, African-Americans, rich Americans, or poor Americans – we are all Americans,” he said.

3. His comments earned the ire of many Indians and Indian-Americans on Twitter, most notably comedian Hari Kondabolu.

4. Kondabolu launched a series of tweets mocking the presidential candidate’s remarks.

6. It didn’t take long for #BobbyJindalIsSoWhite to become a trending hashtag.

#bobbyjindalissowhite he almost replaced Shahrukh Khan on this commercial.

— Anup Kaphle (@AnupKaphle)

7. And pretty soon, Indians from across the world were piling on the mockery.

Bobby Jindal is so white he actual has yogurt in his yogurt containers #bobbyjindalissowhite

— Varshini (@varshini_ini)

.#BobbyJindal is so white he has trouble pronouncing #Jindal #bobbyjindalissowhite

— aasif mandvi (@aasif)

#BobbyJindalIsSoWhite he writes ''Ghandi' instead of Gandhi

— hemant morparia (@hemantmorparia)

#BobbyJindalIsSoWhite that he has to be washed separately in warm water.

— Damsel in This Dress (@secondofhername)

#BobbyJindalIsSoWhite, his first name is actually Robert.

— Ripper (@Ace_Of_Pace)

#bobbyjindalissowhite he eats phulkas with a fork and knife

— manishalakhe (@manishalakhe)

Yo. I'm tanned. It's just a tan, folks. Move along now, nothing to see here. #BobbyJindalIsSoWhite

— Prasanto K Roy (@prasanto)

#BobbyJindalIsSoWhite teacher used to use him as a chalk on board

— aindrila (@falana_dimkhana)

15. Kondabolu was more than pleased with his efforts.

Starting #bobbyjindalissowhite may be the most rewarding thing I've ever done. Good night, everyone.

— Hari Kondabolu (@harikondabolu)

16. While Jindal himself has yet to respond.

Alex Wong / Getty Images

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Sahil Rizwan is a social news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Mumbai.
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