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    17 Hilarious Tweets That'll Make This Summer A Little More Bearable

    "Only Khaleesi The Unburnt can survive this heat."


    4 seasons in India 1) Summer 2) Hyper Summer 3) Ultra Summer 4) Winter


    These days, if you take a shower after 10 am, you have to turn on geyser to decrease the temperature of water.


    Delhi summers tempt me to marry the air conditioners. Biwi ho toh AC.


    If we planted a tree every time we said "kitni garmi hai", we wouldn't have to say "Kitni garmi hai"


    I'm not saying it's hot in Mumbai but I think I just saw Satan buying a 2 tonne split AC.


    'Why Having Breasts In The Summer Is Hell': a Book In Ten Volumes by Me


    It's so hot in Bangalore that, to escape the heat, I'm running off to Chennai tomorrow.


    Walked in for the money. Stayed for the AC. My ATM love story.


    Bangalore Temperature has touched 40 degree Celsius. Experts say it's a result of burning all the investor cash in ecommerce start-ups.


    At 32 deg C, a heat wave kills 650 people in UK. In India people switch off thr ACs at that temp and exchange pleasantries abt the weather


    Itni garmi hai ki aaj to main agar 5 min dhoop mein chali jaaun to Mila kunis se zyada hot ho jaaun.


    Hey girl are you New Delhi? Because you're so fucking hot that you're making everyone uneasy here, and there's nothing we can do about it.


    RT if you discovered new sweat glands today


    It's so hot that my sunglasses melted and attached themselves to my face and now I am Cyclops.


    My summer look is tongue hanging out, panting and crying in the heat.


    Only Khaleesi, The Unburnt can survive in this harsh summer of Delhi.


    Hey gurl, are you the Bombay summer? Because you're hot and all, but also unbearable

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