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Rohan Joshi And Biswa Kalyan Rath Have Been Having The Most Hilariously Juvenile Pun War On Facebook

Two of India's biggest comedians answer the question "Is a pun really the lowest form of humour".

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Though Chhillar herself tweeted that she was fine with it, the National Commission For Women demanded an apology from Tharoor for his "offensive" wordplay.

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Whether they were offended by Tharoor belittling Chhillar's feat or the cringiness of his pun is anybody's guess.

But even as Tharoor did damage control for his name pun, what he didn't know was that two of India's funniest men – Biswa Kalyan Rath and Rohan Joshi – were engaged in an intense name pun war of their own just a few weeks earlier.


Joshi echoed Biswa's sentiments. "Puns are like junk food. You get to choose whether you want them to be the worst of the worst or elevate them to high art," he told BuzzFeed.

Aakash Shah

"Just look at some of the god level punning on BoJack Horseman," he added.

So even if you think wordplay is lame, you might still wanna fight for it. If we keeping heading down the road we are, even something as inoffensive and pure as the Biswa-Joshi pun battle might be hard to come by soon enough.