The 12 Most Incredible And Absurd Things That Happened At The "Hindus For Trump" Bollywood Event

    Amongst other things, there were photoshopped fliers of Sonia Gandhi and Hillary Clinton, multiple Trump goof-ups, and terrorists with lightsaber-y guns.

    Last night, the Republican Hindu Coalition in New Jersey held a charity event titled Humanity United Against Terror, with Donald Trump as the chief guest.

    The event featured performances from celebrities across the Indian film industry, including Prabhu Deva, Shriya Saran, and Malaika Arora Khan.

    1. However, it was everything other than the performances that anyone could talk about – like fliers portraying Sonia Gandhi and Hillary Clinton as evil beings out to frame Narendra Modi.

    Was just handed this at Hindu event in NJ where Trump is about to speak

    The fliers were handed out to all attendees, and accused Clinton of colluding with Gandhi to organise a "witch hunt" against Modi.

    2. It also featured the bones of dead cattle.

    This is so weird, but also you can't say Trump's campaign hasn't done research on what the BJP supporters want to s…

    3. Posters of Trump photoshopped on a lotus, the BJP's official party symbol, adorned the arena.

    Flip the banner and it's Trump on a lotus at the RHC #HindusForTrump (3/n)

    4. Banners around the venue tried to woo the NRI crowd with promises that Trump would facilitate a faster green card process.

    This one might come as a surprise to the immigration restrictionists...

    This, despite one of the Trump campaign's main focuses being a push for tighter immigration laws.

    5. It wasn't all hunky-dory though, with anti-Trump groups protesting outside the venue even as the event began.

    Happening now in Edison NJ at the Republican Hindu Coalitions rally for Trump.

    6. The highlight of the night was a performance involving Indian dancers being attacked by terrorists with lightsaber-y guns, and being saved by the US Army.

    At the Republican Hindu Coalition Trump event, fake Michael Jackson was followed by dancers attacked by jihadists a…

    No, seriously. Terrorists with lightsabers.

    7. Once rescued, the Indian dancers stood for the US national anthem, followed by a performance to Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the U.S.A.".

    The fake Navy Seals and dancers did the U.S. pledge of allegiance. And then they danced to Bruce Springsteen’s **B…

    8. The man of the hour, Donald Trump, eventually walked out on stage and followed the Hindu ritual of lighting a ceremonial diya.

    9. Trump began by proclaiming that he was "a big fan of Hindu".

    His odd phrasing didn't go unnoticed.

    Trump just invented a country: "I am a big fan of Hindu and I am a big fan of India."

    Trump's a "Big fan of Hindu" which is of course my former employer. Trump at RNC (7/n)

    10. However, his biggest faux pas occurred when he mixed up two separate terror attacks, and implied that the Indian parliament was in Mumbai.

    Trump shifted our parliament to Mumbai last night. The greatest builder ever!

    "For all of the people in Mumbai, the attack on the parliament was outrageous and terrible. We will defeat radical Islamic terrorism," he misspoke.

    11. Trump also talked about PM Modi, and was full of praise for him.

    12. He capped off the night by asserting that India and America would be "best friends" under his administration.

    Indians following the event on Twitter had more than a few thoughts about the whole thing.

    "Hindus for Trump" is a cheap copy of the great 17th century movement called "Brahmins for Aurangzeb"

    But mostly, it was a lot of bemused disapproval.

    I'm quite enjoying this Hindus for Trump thing because the next time NRI relatives come over, I can be embarrassed by their existence

    You can watch Trump's entire speech here:

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