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16 Truly Savage Jokes About Salman Khan Launching A New "Being Smart" Android Phone

"Buying Salman Khan's affordable smartphone will save some bucks."

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Salman Khan just announced that he'll be venturing into the smartphone business by launching "Being Smart", an Android phone priced below ₹20,000.

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No sooner had the news gone public that people went ALL IN with the most unrelenting jokes:


Buying Salman Khan's affordable smartphone will save some bucks.


Salman Khan launching his new smart phone called "BeingSmart." No matter what happens, this phone will never hang.


Salman Khan is launching smartphone called "BeingSmart" 1st Being Human and now this. Bhai asking his fans to become everything he is not.


There will not be story feature on whatsapp,instagram in being smart phone of salman khan.


Salman to launch beingsmart Android phone. This phone will run over all the applications without hanging.


In Salman Khan's 'BeingSmart' phone, Google maps will show the footpath traffic instead of road traffic.


Salman Khan is launching a phone named "BeingSmart" don't need to "JailBreak" it like iPhone for obvious reasons!


Although you'll love #BeingSmart phone, you won't understand shit in it! Vo dil me aayega, samajh me nahi!


Bhai's #BeingSmart phone will be a Huge Hit and Run on Android.


Salman Khan is launching a phone. Waiting for the fans to tell people how BhaiOS is better than iOS.


These are the pre installed games in bhai's phone #BeingSmart


Salman Khan is launching a smartphone company. For once, this time when the phone crashes you can actually blame it on some driver issue.


Salman Khan about to launch "BeingSmart." Phone won't follow your instructions, that will do whatever he wants to do. .


Salman Khan's BeingSmart phone will work only with this SIM...


Please buy Salman's BeingSmart comes with pre-downloaded episodes of "How to Get Away with Murder"😻😻


Irony is salman khan coming up with a phone named #BeingSmart