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Now That "Udta Punjab" Is Finally Releasing, A Lot Of People Have The Same Exact Concern

And for a change, it's not about the Censor Board.

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Over the past couple of weeks, the Anurag Kashyap-produced Udta Punjab has faced a very public legal fight with the Censor Board to get their film released.

Punit Paranjpe / AFP / Getty Images

The board refused to certify the film unless major edits were made to it.

Earlier this week, after having dominated the news cycles and inciting major public outrage, the Bombay High Court finally agreed to let the film release with just one cut and some disclaimers.

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The judgment was applauded and welcomed by the countless people who spoke up against the board and stood up for the filmmakers.

But now that the intense battle seems to be over, a LOT of people seem to have the same concern about the entire episode...

Now imagine after all the hassles, fights, bans, cuts and moving to court, Udta Punjab turns out to be a shitty film. Imagine the outrage...

After all this #UdtaPunjab better be a good movie.


That the film might turn out to be a dud, and the fight would've been for a not-so-worthy cause.

After this stupid censorship fiasco Udta Punjab had better be a bloody great film. Wld b 2 much if we all got qvit over second rate 1

So much controversy over #UdtaPunjab ,this better be a freaking fabulous movie! If not,I am sure @anuragkashyap72 will blame #CBFC for that!

A lot of people seem to be sharing the same fear.

This movie #UdtaPunjab better be good, else all this drama is worth nothing to even pay attention to. Then #PahlajNihalani will become Hero!