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    Posted on 7 Oct 2015

    14 Photos Proving That Too Many Rickshaw Drivers Have Had Their Hearts Broken

    They reject you every day. But who rejected them? :(

    1. This guy, who's probably still getting over a break-up.

    2. This guy, who definitely got used by his ex.

    3. This dude who just wants to power through the bad times.

    4. And this one, who wants others to learn from his mistakes.

    5. This forever alone dude.

    6. This Romeo, whose love story didn't have a happy ending.

    7. This guy who just about gets his point across.

    Translation in non-heartbreak language — "Believe a poisonous snake, but don't believe a charming girl."

    8. This guy whose ex gave him a shitty deal.

    Twitter: @tuskeredout

    "Girlfriends are like Chinese mobiles. No guarantee, no warranty."

    9. This dude, who has a simple philosophy in life.

    In English: "Stay away, stay happy."

    10. This guy, who's clearly had some relationships backfire.

    11. This guy has only one instruction for passengers about to make the same mistake he once did.

    Instagram: @praveenhq

    12. This guy, who's made peace with his heartbreak.

    13. This guy, who succinctly summed up the feelings of every rickshaw driver ever.

    14. And this dude has the scam all figured out.

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