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    A Lot Of People Have Been Making The Same Halloween Joke About India's Government And Intolerance

    Can't ban a sense of humour.

    The past few months have seen a lot of things being banned in India, including the sale and possession of beef.

    Incidents of violence related to religious intolerance have also been on the rise in the country of late.

    A lot of people have observed the trend and, with Halloween approaching, everyone has been putting forward the same costume idea.

    If you want to scare people this time at Halloween - Dress up as Beef !!! #india #beefscare Pun Intended #sarcasm

    Go to BJP Halloween party dressed as slutty beef steak.

    This Halloween I'm going to dress up as Beef! *doesn't go to any party*

    Some have slight variations on it, of course.

    This Halloween I'll dress up as "Tolerance" and visit the NDA headquarters.

    While it's a simple joke, it still makes a point about what people think of the situation in the country today.

    This Halloween, I'm dressing up as Beef at BJP headquarters.

    And everyone's thinking it.

    If you're going to dress up as beef and go to BJP headquarters, you're more likely to be beaten up for celebrating Halloween tbh.


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