After This Sikh Guy Became Part Of A Racist Meme, The Internet Helped Turn Him Into A Hero

    Everyone wants to #BeLikeDarsh.

    This is Darsh Singh, the NCAA's first turbaned Sikh basketball player and former co-captain of Trinity University.

    Earlier this year, he inadvertently became part of a racist meme that started making rounds on the internet.

    On December 6, Singh's friend Greg Worthington put up this Facebook post berating the people sharing the meme.

    The post received massive support, with over 13,000 shares and 2,700 comments within just a few days.

    The Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center then launched a social media campaign called #BeLikeDarsh.

    I want to #BeLikeDarsh because his jersey was @Smithsonian @NMNH. That’s #SeriouslyAmazing.

    And hundreds of people have been participating to turn Singh from a racist meme into an inspiring figure.

    I want to #BeLikeDarsh because he defies preconceived notions of what it means to be Asian American.

    Singh himself responded to the campaign by encouraging people to learn from it.

    Sikhs believe everyone and everything has the potential to embody Divine Love. Thank you for the love! #BeLikeDarsh

    Keep inspiring, Darsh.