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    18 Basic Home Tools That You Should Own In Case Of Emergencies (And Just For Convenience)

    Stay prepared.

    1. A heavy duty utility knife so you can ~cut it out~ with using your house keys as a boxcutter - ₹223

    2. A foldable step stool that's gonna be a true ~step up~ from the jumps you've been attempting when trying to reach your top cabinets - ₹1,299

    3. A deliciously organised, 108-piece toolbox any A-type folks are gonna go gaga over - ₹1,649

    4. A small claw hammer that'll give you a perfect grip – helping you ~nail~ your next project - ₹299

    5. A heavy duty tape measure you're sure to love beyond, well, measure - ₹248

    6. A battery-operated cordless electric screwdriver that's gonna make home projects so much easier. Why? Because "It's electric!" - ₹545

    7. A multitool key you can leave on your keychain to unlock some brilliantly useful tools all at once - ₹350

    8. A fire extinguisher – this hot house accessory is here to keep you cool, calm, and collected if your cooking project doesn't go exactly as planned - ₹1,289

    9. A roll of self-fusing silicone tape – a temporary solution for rescuing your pipes when they get totally over dramatic and start turning on the waterworks - ₹399

    10. A disgustingly amazing drain snake sure to make you feel like a wizard when you decide to have it ~slytherin~ your drain and pull out something from the dark arts - ₹199

    11. A water-resistant, adjustable LED flashlight that'll be great to have on hand (or more specifically, in your pocket) when you're working in tiny areas and need as much light as possible - ₹690

    12. A jar-opening gadget that'll work so well the first time, you'll never have to say, "Well, I loosened it!" ever again - ₹249

    13. This can of WD-40 spray that is a must-have in any house because it does everything from preventing rust to lubricating equipment and stopping squeaks - ₹344

    14. This flexible microfibre fan cleaner that'll have your rooms dust-free in a jiffy - ₹399

    15. This knife-sharpening tool so you don't have to buy a new set every time you dull the blades of your current one - ₹399

    16. This hole-punching tool that'll let you make adjustments on everything from watch straps to belts - ₹365

    17. This furniture slider that'll help you move heavy objects like cupboards and refrigerators so that you can reorganise and redesign easily - ₹877

    18. And a handy hook so all those multiple trips from the store to your kitchen counter can be a thing of the past - ₹278