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    18 Amazing Bargains On Cleaning Supplies For Your Entire House

    Keep your space spic and span.

    1. This upholstery cleaning brush that can get dust and crumbs off all the nooks of your furniture and rugs with its long handle and bristles - ₹379 (MRP: ₹899)

    2. This handheld vacuum cleaner that's a godsent if you're looking for portability and easy usage - ₹1,780 (MRP: ₹2,999)

    3. This fabric softener that'll make you wanna hug your own clothes - ₹650 (MRP: ₹699)

    4. This cobweb cleaning tool that'll have all your fans and ceilings spotless in an instant - ₹215 (MRP: ₹340)

    5. This stainless steel cleaner and polish that'll have your house shining - ₹867 (MRP: ₹1,116)

    6. This microfibre static duster can remove the tiniest particles from all surfaces - ₹370 (MRP: ₹395)

    7. This pack of Vetro Power Restoration Wipes that can clean, condition, and restore all leather items such as chairs, shoes, and wallets - ₹320 (MRP: ₹400)

    8. This sleek Liquid Soap Dispenser that's a great addition to any bathroom - ₹571 (MRP: ₹899)

    9. This general purpose cleaner that can restore most dirty, greasy, or soiled spaces in your house - ₹860 (MRP: ₹863)

    10. This antistatic glass cleaner that prevents dust accumulation for a long time - ₹823 (MRP: ₹915)

    11. This disinfectant spray that sanitises both soft and hard spaces - ₹239 (MRP: ₹549)

    12. This faucet and fittings cleaner that'll have all your plumbing looking brand new - ₹790 (MRP: ₹930)

    13. This set of 10 tissue paper packs that you can use to clean up everything from spills to stains - ₹371 (MRP: ₹381)

    14. You can also go for this set of six absorbent kitchen roll packs that work even better - ₹420

    15. This set of 600 Kleenex facial tissues that you should always have on hand - ₹390 (MRP: ₹499)

    16. Or you can also try this compact set of 320 facial tissues, also by Kleenex - ₹369 (MRP: ₹479)

    17. And for a more fun vibe, the answer is these disposable coin wet towels that expand with water - ₹345 (MRP: ₹499)

    18. And this scratch remover tube that restores all synthetic glass surfaces around - ₹307 (MRP: ₹330)