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    The Indian Government Banned College Humor, And College Humor Trolled India Hilariously In Return

    Pls don't ban us too.

    So, the Indian government banned over 800 porn sites yesterday. It's been hard.

    All India Bakchod / Via

    And if that wasn't bad enough, the whole country's been getting mocked for it.

    Banning porn is one thing, but the government's list of 857 websites that are now blocked also includes comedy content hub College Humor.

    BuzzFeed India

    Well, College Humor just responded to the ban in their own inimitable style.

    12 Facts I Made Up About India Because They Can't See This Article Right Now

    If you’re in India and can’t open the post, it is exactly what it claims to be.

    And it has points such as these:

    Sigh. Get it together, government. The world is laughing at us right now.

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