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Shah Rukh Khan Did An #AskSRK Session On Twitter, But Ignored The 12 Most Important Questions

Why didn't you answer, SRK?!

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Shah Rukh Khan just conducted an AMA session on Twitter under the hashtag #AskSRK...

Getting a much unneeded haircut. Jab tak baal katenge tab tak main jawaab doonga. Let's do #AskSrk

And he was charming and witty as usual.

Unfortunately, he didn't answer all his fans, especially the ones with the really important queries.

@iamsrk look im not crying! Just answer one of my questions please ๐Ÿ’œ #asksrk

1. Like this guy, who asked a question that has been haunting all of India since the '90s.

Ye melody itni chocolatey kyun he ? #AskSRK

2. Or this girl, who asked a very relevant question about one of his brand endorsements.

Does Sex gives more Pleasure when done in a Room painted with @asianpaints ? #AskSRK @iamsrk

3. SRK conveniently ignored this fan who just wanted his money back.

.@iamsrk How to get a refund of amount I spent on ChennaiExpress movie tickets ? #AskSRK

4. This one had a question about a brand he didn't endorse.

@iamsrk #AskSrk kya aapke toothpaste mai namak hai..?๐Ÿ˜œ

5. This fan wanted to ask his questions on a more personal forum.

What's your mobile number. #iamsrk #AskSRK

6. And speaking of phone numbers, this guy's question went unanswered too.

@iamsrk can u give me @deepikapadukone contact number? pls #AskSRK

7. This fan asked the most important question of all.

@iamsrk Which is your favorite One Direction song? #AskSRK

8. This fan couldn't believe SRK's choice in children's cartoons.

9. This guy didn't technically have a question, but he did bring up an important point that a lot of people have wondered about.

That funny role in 'Rub ne bna de jori" when a wife cannot recognize her husban without moustache............... LOL xD #AskSRK

10. This guy had a more philosophical query.

11. This dude wasn't afraid to ask the uncomfortable questions.

Do you think Salman was driving the car that night? No reply will be taken as Yes. @iamsrk #AskSrk

12. And after two hours of the hashtag taking over Twitter, this guy asked the question on everyone's minds.

@iamsrk Do ghante se baal hi katwa rahe hain kya? #AskSRK

What are you hiding, SRK?

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