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#BREAKING: Arnab Goswami Is Unnecessarily Aggressive Instead Of Calmly Conversing

As if anyone expected any better from his Reddit AMA.

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A couple of days ago, Goswami announced that he would be on Reddit India to host an AMA to promote his new venture.

Block your calendar: Arnab Goswami LIVE on @redditindia AMA on 27th April – 4 PM. #AMAwithArnab

The AMA started with a user asking Goswami about his quarrel with The Wire, to which he responded by calling them "a crumbling news site".

Last year, The Wire was made to take down an article that accused Goswami and Times Now of airing a doctored video that was factually inaccurate.


Even though the AMA lasted just an hour, Goswami provided readers with plenty of material to get called out over.

Wow, Arnab Goswami doesn't know how questions work or what? (Rhetorical; of course he doesn't.)

Enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts, folks. He's gonna be back inside your homes very soon.

Have you ever seen Arnab Goswami getting roasted? Dodging questions? No? It's happened on @redditindia right now.…