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    An Indian Wildlife Magazine Tweeted About Animal Homosexuality And Classily Shut Down The Haters

    "What's more natural than nature?"

    Sanctuary Asia, India's leading wildlife conservation magazine, recently tweeted out a photo of two lionesses who they claim are exhibiting homosexual behaviour.

    Rarely documented, but here you have it! Two #lionesses engage in #lesbian love in Gir. Mother Nature thinks it's ok!

    They went on to describe this behaviour in detail.

    @SanctuaryAsia Conduct associated with heterosexual #sex is often observed, including gentle bites, licks, pelvic lunges, and growling.

    @SanctuaryAsia #Lion experts say that a female may initiate the process by pursuing another and edging under her to stimulate a mounting.

    They even tweeted a picture of other animals engaged in homosexual acts.

    @AmbaAzaad : And this isn't a one-off! Take a gander at these boys that were clicked by Shivang Mehta in #Corbett. :)

    The tweets met with a lot of approval from its readers.

    Wow, random experience of feeling included and respected as a queer reader. Well done @SanctuaryAsia #HowToDoIt #LikeABoss

    @SanctuaryAsia @ramonasworld wow it's so beautiful Thank you

    @SanctuaryAsia Wow !!! Never saw that cummin , Love finds a way .

    But with homosexual sex still being illegal in India, not all the reactions were as tolerant.

    @SanctuaryAsia wrong choice of words without any factual basis to substantiate!!

    Antinationals, send them to Pakistan.!"@SanctuaryAsia: 2 lionesses engage in #lesbian love in Gir "@tinucherian @sidin

    But the magazine was quick to respond and shut the conversation down.

    RTs aplenty for images we shared today. Homophobic comments and abuses will be deleted. If you're offended, please move along.#keepitclean

    Well played, guys.

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