An Australian Cartoon Has Depicted Indian Villagers Eating Solar Panels

    Bill Leak's strip is being condemned by many people as racist and ignorant.

    On December 14, The Australian published this cartoon by Bill Leak, which depicts Indian villagers not knowing how to use solar panels and trying to eat them instead.

    India and other developing nations are too stupid to handle renewable energy and should stick to coal.

    The cartoon comes as a response to the Climate Change Conference in Paris, in which India and other developing nations chose to rethink their participation in a “Green Climate Fund”.

    It has come under fire for being racist and ignorant of the facts.

    How backward is Aust #climate politics? Here, the absurd racist rubbish published by Murdoch's national newspaper

    Hey Bill Leak, some facts on India's renewable energy sector. They're a lot smarter than your cartoons are funny.

    This isn't the first time India has come under attack for its stance at the Paris conference. On December 6, The New York Times published this cartoon of an elephant labelled “India” blocking a train called “Paris Climate Summit”.

    This @nytimes cartoon is about as balanced as their India editorials in general. #COP21

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