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    Chetan Bhagat Made A Bad Joke On Twitter And History Repeated Itself

    History won't let him forget this one.

    Best-selling author Chetan Bhagat has been known to say some pretty strange and outrageous things in his time.

    As he is inclined to do, he went on another rant earlier today and tweeted this bemused query to his followers.

    What do historians do? I am genuinely curious. This happened. Then this happened. Then this. Ok work done for the day.

    He was talking about the 53 historians who protested against rising intolerance in the country, by returning awards given to them by the government.

    Indian Twitter, of course, isn't one to let go of the chance to start a Chetan Bhagat joke spree and, for the next couple of hours, all guns were trained on the author.

    @chetan_bhagat What do authors do? I am genuinely curious. Judge one talent show, then judge one dance show. Ok work done for the day.

    And, pretty soon, a meme was born.

    What do athletes do? They put one foot forward, then the other foot, then repeat 200 times. Ok work done for the day

    What do scientists evn do? They science here. Then some science there. Ok. Now?

    What did Chetan Bhagat's professors at the IIT and IIM do? I'm genuinely curious.

    Let's just say the author won't be questioning any other professions any time soon.

    Also for @chetan_bhagat, what do artists do, brush here, brush there, done for the day. Scientists, microscope here, telescope there, done..

    He did issue a clarification, eventually...

    In case it was not blatantly obvious that historian tweet was a joke. Made a million of them on writers and engineers before. Duh!

    Not like that'll stop the jokes for a while, though.

    This one user summed it up in one tweet.

    It's like Chetan Bhagat wants to be a Twitter joke format

    Oh, well. History really does repeat itself when it comes to Chetan.


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