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    20 Hilarious Tweets Only "Aaj Kal Ke Bachche" Will Relate To

    "If you're good at something, the Indian parent will ask you to prepare for an engineering entrance exam."


    Me:*cleans house*replaces bedsheets*rolls round rotis*paints grandma's toenails* Ma: Hum tumhare jitne the tab hum roller coaster banate the


    Q. What type of stories do dads tell? A. Jab mein tumhari age katha


    Kids these days have it easy asking for BBM pins and whatsapp. Humne toh landline par call karke unke papa se bhi baatein kari hain.


    Uncle : Beta abhi kya age ho gai hai tumhari Me : 29 ki ho gai hun. Uncle : Tumhari age me toh mai 35 ka ho gaya tha.


    13 year olds are posting "haters gonna hate" all over social media. Beta, you don't have haters. You just have elders who find you annoying.


    Can't imagine how kids study these days. Twitter YouTube Netflix. The only distraction back then was your friends calling u to play cricket


    Year 2056: "Aaj kal ke bachche don't know what music is. Gaane toh humaare time me hote the. Chaar botal vodka, kaam mera roz ka. Deep."


    "kids these days are so stupid, going to art college and using lungs to breathe and stuff"



    1998: - Don't get in strangers' cars - Don't meet ppl from internet 2016: - Literally summon strangers from internet to get in their car


    Kids these days are spoilt with iPhones & playstations at their disposal. Our generation had to work hard to steal money from our parents.


    Kids these days: My cycle has 7 gears,front-rear suspension,26*2.5 inch tires,nylon pedals.. Kids then: Haha meri ghanti tujhse tezz hai.


    "Aur beta, kya kar rahe ho aajkal?" "Bass isi question se bach raha hun, aunty."


    Before Instagram people used to have Baigan ka Bharta and now they have Steamy Aubergine in hot pepper sauce with green peas.


    Can't wait to roast my kids in a family group chat


    Me: Brad and Angelina are getting divorced. Mom: Aur karo love marriage.


    If you're good at something, the Indian parent will ask you to prepare for an engineering entrance exam.


    Google has turned 18. It's been searching and finding things for the world in it's entire childhood. Unlike me. Only mom found things for me


    *Joins office* *Earns 5k per month* Mom: I'm proud of u *Works from home* *Earns 50k per month* Mom: Koi naukri kyun nahi dhund leta?


    My Mom's masterstroke to win any argument with me: "Jab tumhare bachche honge tab tumhe pata chalega"

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