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    Sakshi Malik's First Tweet After The Olympics Was About The Most Important Thing To Her – Food

    In case you didn't love her enough already.

    Sakshi Malik took over India's collective consciousness on August 18 by winning the nation its first medal at the 2016 Olympics.

    Jack Guez / AFP / Getty Images

    Despite her event being over, she hung back in Rio to take part in the closing ceremony as India's flag bearer last night.

    Jack Guez / AFP / Getty Images

    Now, in case you weren't aware, Sakshi Malik is a total goof and as real as a sportsperson can get.

    ESPN / Via

    So it came as no surprise that when her gruelling schedule of the past few weeks finally came to an end, her first tweet was about the thing that mattered most to her – getting to eat good food again.

    A proper breakfast! How I have missed you! 😂😂

    And her fans were, of course, more than supportive of her priorities.

    You do you, Sakshi. You've earned it.


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