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    Abhay Deol Named And Shamed Almost Every Bollywood Star Who Endorses Fairness Creams

    Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor – no one has been spared Deol's wrath.

    The past few weeks have kickstarted an urgent conversation about racism and xenophobia in India, after a series of attacks on African students in Greater Noida.

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    The country's innate racism was further highlighted when BJP MP Tarun Vijay downplayed the attacks by saying, "If we were racist, why would we have the entire South? Why do we live with them? We have black people all around us."

    Part of the discourse has been India's obsession with fairness, and celebrities endorsing products that vilify dark skin as undesirable.

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    Even though they are at the heart of the issue, Bollywood has largely been silent about it, save for a few actors.

    Unfair And Lovely

    Enter Abhay Deol, who, earlier today, started a career-jeopardising crusade against his peers endorsing fairness creams.

    In a series of sarcastic Facebook posts, Deol started posting ads of products that perpetuate the appeal of "white beauty".

    And, in doing so, he savagely called out all the celebrities putting their weight behind these brands.

    Deol fearlessly dragged the biggest stars, from Deepika Padukone...

    To King Khan himself.

    No one was spared from Deol's anger.

    He even called out international brands for propagating harmful stereotypes in India...

    While preaching acceptance of all skin types abroad.

    Deol ended by making his point crystal clear – if you want India's racism and xenophobia to go away, you have to start by reforming those around you...

    Facebook: AbhayDeol

    And he's doing his part by calling out his own peers. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    You can read his entire series of posts here.

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