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This Tamil Song Went Viral In Romania Because Its Lyrics Literally Mean "Dick" Over There

Language is a funny thing. (H/t Beatzo)

In June 2015, the song "Selfie Pulla" from the Tamil film Kaththi became a massive hit and took over the airwaves.

Eros Tamil / Via

The song, whose chorus translates to "Let's Take A Selfie Picture" in English, has almost 8 million hits on YouTube alone.

But a glance at the comments section tells a very surprising story.

Eros Tamil / Via

A substantial number of the song's recent views seem to have come from the very NOT-Tamil speaking country of Romania.

Eros Tamil / Via

And blogger Satyajit Chetri has pointed out the exact reason behind this weird phenomenon taking place – The word "pulla" is slang for penis in the country.

Which means that, much to an entire country's amusement, the song's earwormy chorus roughly translates to "Let's Take A Penis Selfie" in Romanian.

Eros Tamil / Via

The song went viral after being featured on a popular Romanian entertainment show a few days ago.