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    Posted on 9 Jun 2016

    A Lot Of People Are Pissed Off At This Extremely Classist Ad For A Mumbai Housing Society


    On June 5, this ad for Lodha Luxuria Priva, a housing society in Thane, appeared in multiple newspapers across Mumbai.

    Twitter: @calamur

    The main copy reads, "You worked your way up to rise above the crowds, not live with them."

    People were really angry about the ad's classist undertones.

    The ad was posted by disapproving users across Facebook and Twitter.

    Uhhh... This is so gross. (h/t: @calamur)

    The ad has been universally condemned, although many have pointed out that it is just a reflection of Indian society today.

    And others mentioned that the marketing guys were probably aware of the exact demographic they were going for.

    @jahanbakshi @DilliBelle @calamur yes, but I'm sure it resonates with the target audience of douchebags

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