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Ola's New Ad Is Based On The Stereotype That Women Love Shopping, And People Are Furious

"Meri girlfriend chalti hai ₹525/Km se. Par Ola Micro chalti hai sirf ₹6/Km se."

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Olacabs recently released an ad, titled "Micro Stories: Too expensive to take GF out on a date?", that starts with a couple walking in a market. The woman stops at every shop to make her boyfriend buy her something.


After a few shops, the ad ends with the boyfriend turning to the camera and telling the viewer that his girlfriend costs him ₹525/Km, but an Ola Micro costs him only ₹6/Km.


The ad has come under a lot of fire from users for its sexist portrayal of women.

More than a decade of dating and I have never been on a date where the man would buy me stuff. Maybe @Olacabs can find me one.

.@Olacabs stooped to a new low by publishing this extremely sexist ad. Disgusting. Tag #Ola & ask them to remove it.

"Meri girlfriend chalti hai 525 Rs/Km pe aur OLA Micro sirf 6 rs/km" Lol who wrote this. Apart from being sexist, makes no sense at all.

Both men and women voiced their concerns about the ad.

@madmanweb They should lose business from men too. Mine for example. @Olacabs

Bad one, @Olacabs. Withdraw ad. Say sorry. Move on.

Seeing the outrage that was building, Olacabs took down the ad from YouTube.

They also issued the following clarification on Twitter:

We understand one of our TVCs has ended up hurting some sentiments. We've pulled it down. However, #OlaMicro continues to run at Rs.6/km.