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    Posted on 23 Sep 2015

    A Lot Of People Are Furious At This Magazine For Shaming Women Who Wear Leggings

    Kumudam Reporter has come under fire for moral policing and a cover story that used photos of women without their consent.

    Popular fortnightly Tamil magazine Kumudam Reporter published a cover story titled "Are leggings obscene? The youth are crossing the line," in its latest issue.

    Kumudam Reporter / Via Twitter: @evamkarthik

    The story used candid photos of several women without their consent, in addition to talking about how it's their responsibility to dress "decently".

    Kumudam Magazine / Via

    The story has received a lot of backlash online, with many people taking a stand against the magazine's ethics and moral policing.

    Sick. Shameful journalism. @Kumudam_Com you need to apologize for this photo.

    Instead of legging-shaming women, Kumudam should shame all those men who pee, jerk off and scratch nether regions on the streets.

    What a sexist, violating post created by Kumudham. Disgrace! @Kumudam_Com

    Way to go 'Kumudam!' A pair of leggings is all that's wrong with society today! Terrific investigative piece:-

    Online petitions have been initiated asking the magazine to take responsibility and apologise for the story.

    This controversy comes only a few days after a Chennai college caused outrage when a list of its bizarre rules for female students went viral.

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