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These Blind Children In Pune Raised Over ₹ 2 Lakh Making Braille Paintings Of All India Bakchod

Faith in humanity, restored.

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Patil and her students decided to make braille paintings of comedy group All India Bakchod's members, after their roast of Bollywood actors Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor became national news earlier in the year.


"We have been making braille drawings for about a year, but making the faces of AIB members gave us money and name. We've started getting more offer and orders in the past 2-3 months," Patil said.

Their work has also been displayed in America and Australia, with the help of Patil's relatives living there.

Patil added, "We prefer exhibitions only, not selling them. But if a buyer offers us a good amount, we sell them also."

The school ends at 7th grade, and the money is donated to graduates who don't live there anymore.

Saloni Patil

Patil said, “Around 12-20 girls have only me as their family. This is the pattern we function in. :)”