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    6 Great Essays And Stories From This Week's Indian Internet That You Need To Read

    From Bollywood's current woes to the search for an Indian superhero, and much, much more.

    1. A. Krishna dissects why major studios are abandoning Bollywood as a lost cause.

    Balaji Motion Pictures

    With Disney pulling the plug on their venture into the Hindi film industry, The Quint explains in fascinating detail "Why is Bollywood Going Bust".

    2. Namaah Kumar writes about how she came to accept that she is a feminist.

    In this great first-person take, Kumar writes about growing up hating the term and how everything changed in "The Other F-Word" for Arré.

    3. Damini Kulkarni's engrossing read on how female Bollywood characters ~never~ sing about themselves.

    Dharma Productions

    "What Women Sing About In Hindi Movies" on is an eye-opening dive into how the woman's personality is rarely the subject of a Bollywood song.

    4. Mahvash Afzal's much-debated take on how the hijab liberates her.

    Felix Hug

    "My Hijab Liberates Me From Your Oppressive Standards For Women" on The Huffington Post provides a different perspective in light of the burkini controversy in France.

    5. Sankhayan Ghosh on how India still doesn't have a decent superhero movie.

    "In Search Of The Indian Superhero" on Livemint examines why the lucrative genre has largely been a bust when it comes to our film industries.

    6. Heather Timmons runs the numbers after an Indian politician deemed skirts to be unsafe for women.

    Timur Emek / Getty Images

    In a much-needed takedown, Timmons uses Hong Kong as an example to shut down any such suggestions in "For More Proof That Men, Not skirts, Are The Reason Women Are Raped, Look To Hong Kong" on Quartz.

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