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17 Dudes Who Are Definitely Going To Be Single This Valentine's Day

Even if you're gonna be alone this year, at least you won't be this alone.

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1. This dude, who's just happy with attention from another species.

2. This Apple fanboy.

3. This number one flirt.

4. These space explorers, who probably won't be here on the big day.

5. This poser, who's busy having fun.

6. This guy, who's busy catching up with old chums.

7. This giver-upper.

8. These daredevils.

9. This guy, who should be the face of patience.

10. This lonely mathematician.

11. This friend, with suspiciously specific demands.

12. This bachelor, who is very anti-social media.

13. The tension-free dude.

14. This self-burn victim.

15. Everyone in this orgy.

16. This opportunist, who's ready to jump at any chance.

17. And KRK.