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32 Moments That Brought The Indian Internet To A Halt In 2016

Remember when Kangana apparently sent Hrithik 1,439 emails?

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1. When this beloved meme made a glorious comeback.

2. When Randeep Hooda lost 18 kg in 28 days and revealed his look for Sarbjit.

3. When demonetisation resulted in 84% of the entire country's cash becoming illegal overnight.

4. When news broke that Kangana Ranaut had apparently stalked Hrithik Roshan and sent him 1,439 emails.

5. When Virat Kohli had a powerful message for the haters trolling his relationship with Anushka Sharma...

Instagram: virat.kohli

And when it became a meme literally an hour later.

6. When the CBFC refused to release Udta Punjab without heavy edits, and sparked a huge debate on freedom of speech.

Balaji Motion Pictures

7. When Tanmay Bhat caused a shitstorm by face-swapping with Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar on Snapchat.

8. When Bobby Deol became a DJ.

9. When Kanhaiya Kumar divided public opinion with his "Azadi" speech at JNU.

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10. When Ravish Kumar blacked out his show to protest the Indian media's irresponsible coverage of the Kanhaiya Kumar story.

NDTV India

11. And when he invited two mimes to protest the government stifling freedom of speech.


12. When India's athletes gave us a reason to smile at the Olympics.

13. When India beat Bangladesh by one run in the T20 World Cup, thanks to a last ball Dhoni run out.

14. When 15-year-old Pranav Dhanawade scored a world record 1,009 runs in a single innings during an inter-school match.

15. When the British royal family visited India.

16. When Taher Shah released his latest single, "Angel".

17. When a number of Indian bigwigs, including Amitabh and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, were implicated in the Panama papers leak.

18. When Aishwarya Rai Bachchan wore purple lipstick in Cannes.

19. When Gurgaon was renamed "Gurugram".

20. When Pokémon Go came to India.

21. When the entire nation trolled Piers Morgan for trying to troll us.

22. When India launched a "surgical strike" on Pakistan.

23. When Pakistani artists were banned from Bollywood.

24. When the internet discovered its latest crush.

25. When Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa Jayaram passed away.

Twitter: SushmaSwaraj

26. When Chetan Bhagat released One Indian Girl, a book written from a female P.O.V.

Twitter: SmokinSkills_

27. When Arnab Goswami announced that he was leaving Times Now.

28. When the U.S. elections took over news cycles around the world.

Twitter: @varungrover

29. When Aamir Khan revealed his stunning transformation for Dangal.

30. When Sunny Leone handled an uncomfortable interview with Bhupendra Chaubey like a total boss.

31. When Pierce Brosnan started endorsing Pan Bahaar.

32. And when Coldplay finally performed in India.

Chris Martin Sings Channa Mereya During #Coldplay Concert In Mumbai. Magical. Channa Mereya + Sky Full Of Stars ❤❤❤