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14 Supremely Clever Products That'll Do More Than One Job For You

Sometimes you just need a gadget that can do it all.

1. This pair of washable microfibre mop slippers that'll clean your floor as you walk round - ₹279

2. This space-saving ironing board that morphs into a step ladder - ₹2,950

3. This amazing mug that'll hold your biscuits for you to dip in your tea - ₹369

4. This eco-friendly LED mosquito trap that also doubles as a night lamp - ₹599

5. Or this room light that is also an amazing bluetooth speaker - ₹545

6. And then there's this night lamp that comes with dual USB charging sockets - ₹598

7. These Bose audio sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun while giving your ears an unparalleled listening experience - ₹19,710

8. This badass ring that's also a bottle opener - ₹175

9. This pair of "sleep headphones" that also act as a eyemask - ₹1,399

10. This tiny TV-shaped Bluetooth speaker with an app that lets you customise your own designs, making it a great desk accessory - ₹5,299

11. This smart backpack that also has a USB charging port for you to charge your phone through - ₹999

12. This portable fabric and face steamer does multiple things to make you look good - ₹749

13. This activated charcoal powder that can be used to treat burns, wounds, and insect bites, to make hair and face masks, and also be used on your teeth while brushing - ₹194

14. And this beard comb cum shaper that will have your beard lines looking as sharp or smooth as you want - ₹199