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    2 Aug 2017

    19 Absurd Pop Culture Events That I Still Can't Believe Actually Happened

    Is this real life?

    1. When Narendra Modi stood by Wolverine at Madison Square Garden and made a Star Wars reference.


    I mean, dude.

    2. When Vivek Oberoi ratted out Salman Khan to the entire country, after Khan allegedly threatened him and said lewd things about Aishwarya Rai over multiple late night phone calls.

    In early 2003, India witnessed one of its most infamous press conferences, as Oberoi described all of Khan's drunken ramblings about various Bollywood stars in great detail. Neither the scandal nor Oberoi's career went anywhere after this.

    3. When Will Smith was made to sing "Aati Kya Khandala" on Indian Idol.


    I still can't watch this cringefest without my toes squirming up. Watch at your own risk.

    4. When Saurav Ganguly went topless at the home of cricket.


    Possibly the greatest "Fuck You" moment in our nation's history, Lord's would never be the same after this match.

    5. When Ranveer Singh did Hrithik moves in the middle of one of Mumbai's busiest roads on a dare.

    He wasn't even promoting his own movie, the absolute madman.

    6. When the "Monkey Man" of Delhi took over news cycles for a good few months in 2001.

    Sub / AP

    No news story has captured our nation's imagination as much as this violent humanoid entity, which is especially amazing considering that the entity may never have existed at all.

    PS – the above image is an actual artist's rendition released to the public in and around the city.

    7. When Richard Gere kissed Shilpa Shetty at a public event, flew back home, and left her to deal with the subsequent FIR.


    8. When Academy Award-winner Kevin Spacey was made to do the "Lungi Dance" at IIFA.


    Retire this song already.

    9. When a fake Undertaker showed up to fight Akshay Kumar in Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi.

    I still have friends who swear that it was the real Undertaker. It wasn't.

    10. When a thong made its way into unsuspecting living rooms across the country.


    "Kaanta Laga" was the first in a long line of remix videos that can only be described as ~scandalous~. And no single image captured that era like Shefali Zariwala's stick-on undies.

    11. When "How Can She Slap" leaked into the world.

    UTV / Via

    In under two minutes, this behind-the-scenes clip captured everything that was horrible, fascinating, and just plain wrong about reality TV.

    12. When AIB organised the first roast of Bollywood's biggest superstars.

    All India Bakchod

    The first, and probably last. Sigh.

    13. When Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan had the most public breakup of all time.

    Twitter: @punchayati

    For a period of time, it seemed like Ranaut and Roshan were airing a piece of their dirty laundry for public consumption every single day. A train wreck you couldn't look away from even if you tried.

    14. When Sylvester Stallone randomly showed up in Kambakkht Ishq.

    Eros Entertainment

    This wasn't even the only inexplicable cameo in the film. Denise Richards and former Superman Brandon Routh also show up for literally no reason at all.

    15. When Sushmita Sen and Aishwarya Rai won Miss Universe and Miss World in the same year.

    This is probably the first time I realised what the meaning of national pride was.

    16. When Annu Kapoor absolutely lost his shit at Kunal Kohli for not "respecting" a patriotic song on a kids talent show.

    Zee TV

    All Kohli said to set Kapoor off was that the contestant shouldn't be given extra points for singing "Rang De Basanti". Go figure.

    17. When Sreesanth got slapped by Harbhajan Singh and broke down on the field after a 2008 IPL game.


    As it eventually turned out, this wouldn't even be the worst thing to happen on an IPL field involving Sreesanth.

    18. When Kapil Dev broke down during a BBC interview after being accused of match fixing.


    It must be said that Dev has cried during more than one interview in his career, but he genuinely seemed affected in this one.

    19. And when Chris Martin sang "Channa Mereya" in front of tens of thousands of people in Mumbai.

    Chris Martin Sings Channa Mereya During #Coldplay Concert In Mumbai. Magical. Channa Mereya + Sky Full Of Stars ❤❤❤

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