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    18 Hilarious Tweets About Priyanka Chopra's Outfit At The MET Gala 2017

    She still looked great, though.

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art hosted its annual MET Gala in New York earlier today and, despite the presence of the world's biggest celebrities, Priyanka Chopra made sure she'd make her presence felt.

    Dressed in a Ralph Lauren trench coat-gown, Chopra earned raves from fashion critics and fans alike.

    Actually, this trench coat-gown by @RalphLauren on Priyanka Chopra is a weirdly great combo. #MetGala

    Can we take a moment 2 acknowledge how 🔥 #PriyankaChopra is #metgala2017 . Like she's giving me #Beyonce…

    Of course, there were those who didn't much care for the chicness on display, and went in another direction instead – jokes:

    1. And, man, were there a lot of jokes.

    Category is: Inspector Gadget Realness. Priyanka Chopra is coming for aaaaaaaaall the magazine opening spreads…

    2. Inspector Gadget seemed to be a popular theme amongst the comparisons being made.


    I don’t know what Detective Priyanka Chopra is looking for, but she’s sure as hell going to find it #MetGala

    For reference:

    4. There were allusions made to tarpaulin tents.


    Barish ke mausam me chhapre par taadpatri lagata hua aam aadmi

    6. Some went domestic with their observations.

    When you want to buy latest designer wear, but also invest in lifetime supply of pocha material


    When the bai hasn't turned up, you are ready to party but the house needs sweeping.


    When fashion bloggers do pocha in their homes.

    9. And a lot of people just decided to congratulate Chopra for her unparalleled commitment to the Swachh Bharat campaign.

    @coolfunnytshirt BREAKING : Priyanka Chopra has been announced as the new ambassador for Swacch Bharat Abhiyan for…


    JUST IN: Dress has been declared #SwachhBharat complaint👏 One small step for @priyankachopra, one giant leap for…


    If everyone in India decides to wear this for one day & walk 100 metres - we can clean India in one hour…

    12. But however hilarious the jokes, you couldn't deny that Chopra was all anyone could talk about.


    Have you guys always wondered where Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan shot the Guzarish song for Ghajini? Me too.



    When the roti can also be your kapda and even your makaan.


    For all the times, your dupatta has barely touched the floor & mothers have screamed in hysteria 'Zameen pe lag rah…


    Priyanka Chopra's reaction when somebody said "madam, ghar tak lift de do apni gaadi mein bitha kar.."


    When you take "sweeping the awards" literally.

    🙌 🙌 🙌