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13 Indian Copywriters Who Owe Us An Explanation For These Ads

Say whaaaaa?

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1. The writer of this ad who definitely needs to explain some things.

2. Whoever approved this billboard with so much confidence.

3. This copywriter who takes vegetarianism waaay too seriously.

The Times of India

4. The writer of this luxury cruise ad who clearly didn't pass their history exam... or watch the movie.

5. The copywriter of this ad that couldn't be understood by men or women.

The Times of India

6. Whoever came up with this unfortunately-worded offer.

7. This copywriter who might wanna look up the meaning of this phrase.

8. The writers of this ad who are most definitely single and not ready to mingle.

9. This best 23rd writer of this ad.

The Times of India

10. This copywriter who redefines silver linings.

11. This copywriter who feels pride in the tiniest of things.

The Times of India

12. This casually-stereotyping copywriter.

The Times of India

13. And the copywriter who wrote this aspirational army recruitment ad.