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    13 Candid Moments From Sachin Tendulkar's Supremely Fun Episode Of "Breakfast With Champions"

    "The first contract I got I couldn’t even sign... because I was 16."

    The fifth season premiere of Breakfast With Champions with Gaurav Kapur featured none other than one of India's bonafide legends, Sachin Tendulkar.

    In a freewheeling chat, the notoriously vanilla and non-controversial Master Blaster opened up about his career, and gave us a few timeless anecdotes. Here are the best moments:

    1. When Sachin revealed a hidden talent – Vada Pav Detective.

    2. When Sachin talked about the hardest part of playing his last game for India.

    3. And when he immediately revealed that his mother had never seen him play, in part, because of his own superstitions and neurosis.

    4. When he talked about how people gave him shit for his iconic ₹100 crore deal with WorldTel that changed the face of advertising and sports marketing in the country.

    5. When he talked about the drawbacks of starting a career as early as he found himself doing.

    6. When we found out that Sachin had a freaky penchant for remembering important dates and some pretty useless statistics.

    7. And when we found out that it wasn't just his sports milestones that he remembered.

    8. When we found out that India's most legendary career basically started as a punishment.

    9. When he confessed that he wasn't always the diligent and respectful son we've always assumed he must've been, but was sort of a brat tbh.

    10. When he revealed how his much-lauded work ethic wasn't always natural to him. Like, he really was a slacker as a youngster, apparently.

    11. When he revealed an unseen sadistic side and how he dealt with the frustration of being given batting tips from everyone and their grandpa.

    12. When he talked about how one of crickets greatest batting techniques developed because of a hand-me-down.

    There really aren't many other people in the history of humanity who've received as much unsolicited advice as Sachin, man.

    13. And when he revealed how some casual showing off almost became the biggest fake news story of the 2011 World Cup.

    You can watch the entire interview here:

    View this video on YouTube

    View this video on YouTube

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