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This Artist Is Illustrating The Real Life Experiences Of Indians On Tinder

The stories you don't get to hear about.

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Her experience with the dating app was great abroad, but she didn't have as much luck when she returned.

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"I didn't know how to deal with the misogyny, and everyone was looking to meet for sex, with zero conversation," Harikumar told BuzzFeed.

"By age 37, I have experienced the truest of loves and its devastating loss. A heart that has loved so singularly & lost so purely becomes either fearless or reckless. So when a chance Tinder encounter (*truly* chance because he is only in the same location for a couple of hours when we 'match') reveals himself to be perfect in all ways except that he's married, I don't disqualify him. It is the coldest thing I've ever done - to pursue an intensely sexual encounter with an absolute stranger from whom my heart wants nothing. It also makes me feel alive. We meet and have a spectacular night without an ounce of sleep. I get a cab in the early hours of the morning and as I ride back, there's a smile on my face, a glow in my body and an absolute absence of guilt."


There are stories of women who started swiping right on other women to find where to get the best haircut in New Delhi...

Facebook: Induviduality

"I have always been curious about other people's experiences. But I didn't know so many people would open up and talk about their fear, the folks they met, the sex they had, and share such intimate details," Harikumar said.

This illustration is about a woman who hooked up with someone not knowing that he was a virgin, and how she had to deal with a crying man in her bed.

Facebook: Induviduality

"Being on Tinder comes with some amount of shame here - the shame of looking for sex. I have always wondered if I am the only one feeling vulnerable about putting myself out there, in this world full of happily ever afters."